Full Line for Economy- High End Grain Free Dog Food

Which is a better choice for your store: “economy” products or “premium” products? The answer to that question depends upon a variety of factors. Don’t worry—we’re here to help.

Muenster’s formulas of made-to-order pet food can be grouped into four main categories: Economy Natural, Economy Grain Free, Premium Natural, and Premium Grain Free. While all four are high-quality goods that our company is proud to manufacture, each has slightly different features to offer consumers. The chart below contains a brief overview:

muenster milling dog food ingredient list
While you may be tempted to offer each of our four formulas in your store (and we can certainly facilitate that), it’s far more common for vendors to choose the product line(s) that they believe will best resonate with their customer base. Doing so will maximize your sales numbers and minimize the amount of product gathering dust on your shelves!

When it comes to pet food, a few factors affecting demand include:

  • Price – Do your customers always look for the best bargain, or is money “no object” when it comes to their dog’s diet? Most pet parents fall somewhere in the middle of these two extremes, and their exact position on the issue can push them toward economy formulas (which are typically less expensive) or premium formulas (which tend to be pricier).
  • Knowledge of Pet Nutrition –  Do you notice your customers carefully reading the guaranteed analysis and ingredients lists on individual bags before putting them in their carts? Is it common for folks to ask questions about the health benefits of one brand over another? Or are the shoppers at your store more likely to respond to company names and the general statements (e.g., protein source, life stage designation) that they see on the front of a package? Generally speaking, the more informed a consumer is on the benefits of first-rate ingredients, the more likely they are to prefer premium pet food formulas.
  • Pet Health Needs – A spry, strong dog with no known health problems can tolerate almost any kind of food. Elderly dogs and dogs with allergies or other issues, meanwhile, frequently need limited-ingredient diets because “regular” food will make them sick. Though all Muenster dog kibble is free of corn, soy, and wheat (the most common “problem” foods for canines), some products do contain grains, and/or white potatoes. Do you often hear your customers bemoaning their pet’s delicate stomach? Or are you more likely to hear people marveling at their dog’s ability (and willingness) to eat anything? If it’s the latter, expect for folks to gravitate toward economy options.

Figuring out your customer base can be a bit tricky, but the good news is that you don’t have to tackle this quandary alone. When you partner with Muenster, our trained consultants can help you with a full-needs analysis. We’ll give you expert advice as to which line (or lines) will be the best fit for your store. We guarantee the quality of our products, so please let us work our magic with your customers, too!