Why an Ordering Process is Important

If your business is your livelihood, then suppliers who have transparent, no-fuss manufacturing and shipping policies are usually a pretty safe bet. Fortunately, that’s a standard of quality that we strive to offer every day. 

From Start to Finish

At Muenster Milling, we put the same care and craftsmanship into our custom food blends as we do all of our regular products. Thus, the standard lead time for all orders is between one and three weeks. In the case of a supply “emergency,” we can expedite your order for an additional fee. Please let us know the moment you find yourself heading toward a shortage, though. We’re good at what we do, but we can’t whip up a batch of your special blend, package it, and ship it overnight!

Our unique manufacturing process allows us to make food (and print your personalized bag design) in relatively small batches. The minimum order for any SKU is 20 units; this is a decent number to start with if you’d like to “dip your toes” in the pet food industry instead of just diving in head-first. We also offer price-per-unit and shipping discounts on larger orders. You can save a little by ordering a full pallet of your custom blend or save a lot by ordering six (or more) pallets at once.

All-Out and All-In

When you own a small business, maintaining inventory can be a tricky balancing act.  Ideally, you’ll keep enough of the product in stock so that it’s readily available to your customers when they want it. Nearly all of us know the frustration of going to a store and discovering that an item we need is currently sold out. Put your customers in that situation too many times, and they’re likely to take their business elsewhere. The stakes are especially high when you sell dog food because dogs can very easily experience “tummy trouble” if they’re suddenly switched to another brand instead of transitioned gradually over the course of a week.

That said, over-ordering isn’t necessarily the solution. If your storefront has limited storage space, massive quantities of unsold food take up valuable real estate. It also doesn’t look good to customers if the same bags sit out for months and months; they might begin to wonder why the food isn’t selling (and inadvertently create a repeating cycle). And then there’s the fact that, being fresh and all-natural, Muenster food has a guaranteed shelf life of nine months. Having to throw away unsold bags of food is like throwing away handfuls of money. It’s not a great situation in which to find yourself.

How We Help

Just as our experts can help you decide which lines of food to offer in your store, we can also offer advice as to how much product you should purchase when you’re first starting out. Take our advice or just follow your instincts; we’ll make and ship exactly as much as you think you’d like to have on hand. All orders are FOB Muenster, and we can have our logistics manager set up freight for you. When it comes time to make another order, you can either make a change to the quantities or simply re-order from your last PO.

Everything about our process is designed to be streamlined and hassle-free. If you focus on coming up with a signature food blend and promoting your private label, we’ll focus on getting your creation made, packed, and shipped!